Toward Excellence
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“By the way, these MCC enclosures are really looking nice.  I am pleased with the quality and show them to many other customers.  I can see us using these on other jobs as the need comes up!  Keep up the good work.”

Thank you
Craig Slape
Brithinee Electric

"I have worked with Pacific Electric for many years and I cannot recall ever being disappointed with anything that they have provided me. Pacific Electric has provided many items for Rancho Ca Water District, from simple aluminum blanks to fill control panel doors to custom motor control cabinets. The workmanship in the products delivered has always been of the highest quality."

"The motor control cabinet that Pacific Electric provided for us was especially noteworthy. The District has standardized on Cutler-Hammer products for many years. Recently we wanted to install a VFD in an existing MCC but found the cabinet too small. With Pacific Electric’s help we designed a cabinet that incorporates all our current electrical components (PLC, VFD, communications & cooling) in a clean and professional looking package."

"Pacific Electric has not only met our equipment needs but their staff has always been available to help us with remedying field problems that come up. One example of the assistance rendered was with a cooling issue we had with a VFD installation. Working with my technician, Pacific Electric helped to fabricate a system to evacuate the heat from the VFD and out of the MCC. The “fix” was so effective that the overall temperature in the cabinet was reduced to the point where the fans near the upper buss work rarely came on"

Ben Johnson
Electrical Services Supervisor
Rancho California Water District

"Pacific Electric has been one of our "go-to" vendors for years in San Diego and throughout Southern California.  Whenever we have a complicated switchgear modification, the first words out of our guys is "let's call Don".  He always seems to find the time to meet when you call him on short notice and comes up with a workable solution.  His company is an asset to the electrical industry."

Chris Mueller
Dynalectric-San Diego

“It has been a pleasure for Neal Electric to work with Don at Pacific Electric over the past 27 years. We have challenged them on many occasions with unique and difficult situations and they have came through every time without exception and in a timely manner. Their products have always came with all the necessary components and all of the required paperwork to get plan check approval. Thank you Don for helping Neal Electric to successfully serve our customers!”

Cas Wesolowski

Co-founder & Senior Vice President – Operations

Neal Electric

" I will be glad to tell the world how great you and Pacific Electric are. We can always rely on you to build the exact switch gear and retrofits we need on time and perfect. Coronado Hospital replacement of the Normal power and the Emergency power switch gear while we kept the hospital up and fully functional. Your retrofits on existing old out dated panels have always been perfect. Grossmont hospital Operating room panel retrofits were perfect. Grossmont Hospital outpatient Surgery Center panel retrofit was also perfect. San Diego has a lot of old buildings and switch gear we look forward to working with PEI in the near future."

Ed Morgan
President National Electric Works inc.

"For 25 years, Pacific Electric has been helping us over come some of the most complicated, "one off " electrical distribution challenges....their knowledge and craftsmanship have given us  unique solutions, in a short time....many of Ickler Electric's success stories can be traced back to the effort of Don Cartwright and the Pacific Electric team! "

Kurt Ickler

"In the past eleven years I have utilized Pacific Electric’s services.  They have always been professional, knowledgeable, courteous and delivered ahead of schedule. Their reputation among the electrical community is unparalleled.  I plan on a continued working relationship with Pacific Electric for years to come. "

Thank you,

Frank Haslinger, Jr.
Project Manager
Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.

Every time we get into a situation with an outdated piece of equipment or need "factory approved buss taps" we can always count on Don with Pacific Electric.
The customer service is great and his parts and pieces are always built to the factory specifications.
We have been using Pacific Electric for over 20 years to help meet our customers needs.
Thank you for being available when we need you!"

Jim Whiteaker
Preconstruction Superintendent
Dynalectric San Diego